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Saturday Vibe

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I have allowed myself the opportunity to sit and relax with a latte. I don't know about you, but my mornings start with a flurry of activities before 8 AM and then by nine, I am starting my busy schedule of meeting with my clients.

I know it's important to take time for self to prepare both our spirit and our bodies for the challenges of the day. Today I am feeling grateful to let the day unfold as it may. I choose not to push, power through or shame myself into tasks I do not need to do. I will not be busy for the sake of being busy. I choose a Saturday vibe.

Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Find gratefulness

  2. Seek joy in your surroundings

  3. Mindfully enjoy your coffee, tea or juice

  4. Look up

  5. Smile

I would love to hear how you created your Saturday vibe.

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