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Untangling or Coming Undone

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed and mentally exhausted? Like many, I initially respond by acknowledging my discomfort and making small adjustments, hoping to enhance my capacity to manage more.

However, when these changes don’t increase my mental and emotional bandwidth, I start doubting the plans I’ve set and, ultimately, my ability to juggle all my tasks, responsibilities, and commitments to myself and others. Can you relate?

If you’re still with me, you might also be pondering the idea of untangling the messy wires, solo cords, and other life entanglements. Consider these questions:

1. Which cords have you carried with you over time?

2. How do these cords connect you to others?

3. Are all of these connections appropriate for the current season of your life and career stage?

4. Do you find value in all of your tasks, responsibilities, and commitments?

5. Are the cords pulling you along, making you chase life and goals?

6. Or do they help you construct the life you want?

7. What is the weight of all the cords you’re carrying?

8. What would untangling look like for you, and how would this process feel?

If we wait too long to address the entanglements in our lives, we risk coming undone. What are your thoughts?


Tammy Austin, LMHC

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