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Consistency Requires Consistent Me

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

It is the end of another month and the countdown to the end of the year 2022 is fast approaching. How do you feel about your year? Did you meet the goals you may have set for this year? Did you show up the way you had planned?

In full disclosure I did not meet my goals, nor did I show up with it all together. This year has been challenging, especially for mental health professionals. Burnout and compassion fatigue are real.

I've had to learn how to adjust my vision and embrace my reflection

  1. Set smaller and attainable goals

  2. Embrace opportunities for quiet reflection

  3. Redefine perfection, " I am enough"

  4. Release comparison, " My journey is my journey"

  5. Listen to my heart and my body

  6. Let faith lead

Consistency is the word I focus on in my posts this week because I know that I have to consistently take the steps and have the attitude above. Consistency helps with stability, reliability, dependability and accountability.

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