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Updated: Sep 30, 2023

If you are like me, you are a football fan by osmosis. In my case I married a die hard Seminole fan. Little did I know this relationship with football would require me to have the patience of Job and the curiosity and wonder of a child.

After 39 plus years of going to games , enduring the long drives to Tallahassee and the losing seasons I finally get it. The passion of the fans, the hope and fight of the players is exhilarating.

I sing the chants, wear the garb complete with a large wooden bead necklace. Garnet and Gold clothing is worn throughout the year.

I learned a bit more about football and the scoring in the field. I really enjoy seeing a diverse population coming together as one to support something good and inclusive.

Authenticity is the name of the game, love your team, bleed their colors and express yourself.

Other than a touchdown, I still ask, “ what happened?”.

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