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Cyber Monday

Updated: Apr 8

It's Cyber Monday do you know what drives your shopping? Perhaps you're looking for something for yourself or searching for the perfect gift at a bargain. Whether the shopping is for you or someone else I challenge you to explore the emotions behind the gift.

When my children were younger I came to realize my shopping triggers were about recreating my holiday memories. In my quest to do this I often over shopped. As a parent nothing brings more joy than the excitement and delight in children opening gifts.

Imagine after weeks of shopping, gift wrapping, etc the gifts in some cases just sat. I began to see the people I was shopping for and find gifts that spoke to their love language. I also listened more for the activites that spoke to the memory making of those around me.

When we allow ourselves to be motivated by the outside noise of buy, buy, sales, discounts and of course those Christmas movies. The pressure mounts and we may feel that we fall short if we don't finish exhausted both emotionally and financially.

Tis the season to create authentic memories!

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