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Journeys End Counseling


  • Individualized Parent Coaching and skill building sessions for parents, grandparents and relative caregivers seeking.


  • Parent Coaching aids in establishing an emotionally connected, healthy bond and attachment to the children in our lives.


  • We focus on legacy parenting,  the postive and long term effects stemming from purposeful parenting.


  • Sessions are also suitable for divorced couples with a desire to improve the  co-parenting relationship.


   Adoptive Parents


  • Are you struggling with managing your emotions with your child?


  • Are you having difficulty understanding your child's attachment style?


  • Is your child engaging in lying, stealing, or defiant behavior


  • An Adoption Competent therapist provides Trauma Informed family therapy to support trust, communication, understanding and connection. 


·        Parent Coaching packages are customizable and include family activities.


Sessions are designed for parents of children between the ages  of  1--17 years of age. Participants will receive pre and post testing and the course delivery will be an interactive format. Topics will include, but not be limited to the following:


  • Parenting philosophy, what is it, why have one?
  • Attachment and bonding
  • Developmental milestones, what are they and how to assist your child
  • Identifying emotional triggers, internal messages and other sources of anger or discomfort 
  • The mechanics of purposeful reinforcement and other behavior management tools
  • Age appropriate communication strategies
  • Parents as coaches: Team building tips
  • Building a bridge to your kids
  • Keeping the bridge open (apologies, forgiveness and forward movement)
  • Parenting with purpose (development of parenting accountability plan)
  • Legacy Parenting


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JE Top Ten Adoption Questions for Prospective Parents
Considering adoption? These questions are designed to create self exploration of values, boundaries, attachment style and expectations for adopting parents.
JE Top Ten Adoption Questions for Prospe[...]
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