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We all desire to feel loved, valued and connected in fact we are wired to flourish emotionally, physically and spiritually in this condition. But why is so difficult to maintain the good feelings, connection and security in one of the most important relationships that we will have?



At Journeys End Counseling, we use the Prepare-Enrich Couple's Assessment to aid in identifying the areas in your relationship that have the highest degree of couple disagreement and agreement. We will explore and identify the areas causing the greatest pain and disconnect. Based upon a number of therapy or coaching sessions determined by you and your therapist we will work with you to heal and strengthen your relationship. You will come away from this experience with a better understanding of yourself within the relationship, the tender or vulnerable areas only your partner can understand and support and; more importantly possess strategies to enhance your connection with your partner.


We also offer Intensive 3-5 hour Couple Sessions to aid with creating movement in difficult and longstanding patterns of communication and conflict management. Couples seeking to build upon healthy and functioning relationships can take advantage of our Refresher sessions.




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