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Creating A Summer Mindset

I love summer! As a child summer meant the end of the school year and time to create new adventures solo and with friends. As life gets becomes more involved with tasks of adulting, careers, relationships and families summer gets relegated to a long distant memory.

I'm here today to remind you summer is what you make it. You deserve to have adventure, relaxation and a recharge. Here's a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Schedule time for you and of course someone that you'd like to join. If not, schedule time for you.

  2. Fully prepare for the activity or event, ie, if it's an afternoon or early evening at home, listen to the playlist.

  3. Silence the electronics

  4. Purchase or make the meal in advance so it is ready to enjoy.

  5. Read a book or magazine

  6. Play a boardgame or Uno with your partner.

  7. Lean back in your comfy chaise, couch or chair and let your body relax.

  8. Treat yourself to an at home facial masque.

  9. Create and enjoy a spa-like scent with a diffuser or candle, peppermint, lavender, bergamont to name a few

  10. Write 4 positive affirmations for yourself.

  11. Journal

  12. Write a letter to your younger self reflecting on a favorite summertime memory

  13. Exhale

  14. Savor the time

  15. Experience gratefulness

  16. Create your own

Summer is a mindset that can be created and experienced whenever and wherever we may be. Summer reminds us to take time for ourselves and check in with ourselves. If you are looking or interested in other services please visit the website

Heres to your summer vibe,

Tammy Austin

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