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The Role of Interns

Authentically You Counseling is a group practice comprised of licensed and pre-licensed clinicians. Pre-licensed therapists are a vital part of the mental health community. Committed to the future provision of quality therapeutic services, Authentically You Counseling (JEC) is a teaching clinic that staffs and trains licensed as well as pre-licensed therapists.


 Under trained supervision, pre-licensed therapists provide quality professional therapeutic services for individuals, couples, and families in need of counseling often at lower fees and with greater schedule flexibility than licensed therapists.


 In the field of counseling, pre-licensed therapists are required to obtain 1500 hours of supervised training before being eligible for independent licensure and practice. 


During that several year period between training and licensure, they are under weekly supervision by a seasoned, licensed professional therapist; as such their clients get the benefit of two therapists in one. 


The pre-licensed therapists at Journey’s End Counseling are Master's level clinicians, with varying degrees of professional experience before they are contracted. Pre-licensed clinicians go through a very selective hiring process, ongoing training, and are fully able to provide the services that we offer which include Trauma Focused CBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy,  and Polyvagel Theory for complex trauma responses. 


Therapists also provide Parent Coaching and Enrichment with an emphasis on parent-child bond and attachment.

Living and Working Authentically

Journeys End Counseling began in 2003 as a solo practice and the practice name was inspired by my experience as a therapist working with children and families in crisis.

Parents struggling to be the best versions of themselves for their children when trust and connection have broken is exhausting. Individuals feeling misunderstood, devalued or invisible in their lives can be overwhelming and take joy out of daily living. Couples living in a state of public marriage and private divorce with little hope for renewed connection and communication is akin to a long road trip with no destination.

After many years of focusing on authenticity, I decided to work in a space of true authenticity as a clinician and clinical supervisor, thus the DBA (doing business as)   Authentically You Counseling came about.  The path to true authenticity can be challenging, uncomfortable and hard. We strive to connect and partner with you to create a path for peace, balance, vision for the future with  real skills, information and strategies to live authentically.

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